Variant Theatre (Ukraine)

Aberdeen International Youth Festival (AIYF)

Variant Theater was created in 2015 by students of Kharkiv, Ukraine. The director and head of the team is Tymofij Binyukov. The first performance was an existential drama “Fahrenheit 451” was successfully shown in their hometown and in Dnipro city at the festival of youth theaters.

The second performance “Mauno” is a success in Kharkiv, and in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, at the festival on one of the Kyiv International festivals. This is a solo performance about the life of an intellectually backward guy who realizes the cruelty of the world around him, but at the same time remains a good soul.

The third project is a performance in the genre of the street theater “The Horseman without a Head” is a grotesque comedy with an abundance of music and games, on socially relevant topics.┬áThe premiere take place in May 2017.
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