Tréol (UK)

Aberdeen International Youth Festival (AIYF)

Tréol is an Edinburgh based trio comprised of two fiddlers (Kim and Mia) and a cellist (Freya). They play Scottish, Irish, English and Welsh traditional music. Formed in late 2015, the was chosen to make up three of seven young Scottish musicians travelling to the Arctic International Youth Festival in April 2016. They had an extremely enjoyable experience playing with other musicians and learning Norwegian and Scottish tunes and making friends.

Since forming, Tréol has been asked to participate in several performances, including at the Queens Hall in Edinburgh as part of the City Council’s Resonate series of concerts. The girls have formed a strong bond through the shared experience of their music, and their enjoyment of the music shows in their performances. Aside from the more formal concert settings, Tréol can often be seen busking in the streets of Edinburgh – so if you visit Scotland’s capital city, keep your eyes and ears open for some of their outdoor musical performances.

Whilst based in Edinburgh, Tréol does have an Aberdeen connection – one of Treol’s signature pieces is Stafford House, a tune written by James Herd, Kim’s great-grandfather. James was a composer and multi-instrumentalist who was brought up in Stafford House in Aberdeen’s Stafford Street in the early 1900’s. Kim was delighted to inherit her great-grandfather’s fiddle, which she will play at Aberdeen International Youth Festival this summer.