The Hamrahlid Choir, (Iceland)

Aberdeen International Youth Festival (AIYF)

The Hamrahlid Choir has been at the forefront of Icelandic musical life for four
decades. Founded in 1967 by its present conductor, Þorgerður Ingólfsdóttir, it was among
the first college choirs in Iceland, and has maintained its leading position ever since. The
choir, made up of students at Hamrahlíð College in Reykjavík, is an educational institution
in its own right. More than 2,000 Icelandic teenagers have come into contact with
classical music through the Hamrahlíð choral experience. Many of these have had no prior
musical training, but through diligent practice they have gone on to participate in music making of the highest quality, from new Icelandic compositions to the choral masterworks of Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart.

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