KalaSangam Indian Dance Group (UK)

Aberdeen International Youth Festival (AIYF)

KalaSangam is a local Dance team that focus on classical and ancient Indian dance – Kathak.

Kathak is believed to have originated by the travelling bards of ancient Northern India, known as the Kathakars or story-tellers. Wandering Kathakars communicated stories from great epics and ancient mythology through dance, songs and music. Over time Kathak evolved into a distinct dance form with graceful twirls, breath-taking footwork and tantalising expressions.

Its repertoire is vast comprising of poetics, dramatics and pure dance and this dance form emphasises on rhythmic foot movements, developed gestures of arms and upper body movements, facial expressions, stage movements, bends and turns and lot of spinning.

KalaSangam brings together a group of dedicated dancers from diverse background and different levels of expertise. The students take lessons and practices Kathak once every week. The group has been working towards promoting this dance form in Aberdeen since its inception last year. The performers include children as little as 5 years old to adults. Tutored and choreographed by Ipsita Goswami, this group has performed technical compositions and expressional dance pieces at various cultural programme organized by Indian Association of North East Scotland (IANES), Nepalese Association of Scotland and Aberdeen Multicultural Centre.

During the class sessions, emphasis is put towards learning the basics and techniques, but every effort is made to make it more interesting by infusing creativity and opening up new experiences through expressions and co-ordination with rhythmic play. KalaSangam is also conducting workshops on Kathak for young children during the summer holidays in Aberdeen named “Class-Kool Kathak”. This is in association with the ACT Aberdeen and would be held at Arts Centre and Theatre Aberdeen. This is an effort to infuse enthusiasm in children through a joyous and creative environment. In our performance for the International Youth Festival and Aberdeen Mela we would try to promote and show the basics of Kathak dance through our own creativity. The performance would be a mix of technical compositions and expressive dance pieces based on semi-classical music. We hope that the grace, strength and co-ordination of this dance form would keep the audience entertained.

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