Atlantic North, (USA)

Aberdeen International Youth Festival (AIYF)

East Tennessee State University is an ideal place to pursue studies in bluegrass, old time, Celtic and country music. Music is part of everyday life here. Students interested in the region’s music make friends quickly and easily—both on and off campus—and find a multitude of opportunities to share their music with others. ETSU faculty members with impressive professional credentials provide students the benefits of their experience and insights gathered over years of recording and performing with top musicians in the field.

Founded in 1982 by Jack Tottle, Bluegrass, Old Time, Celtic, and Country Music Studies at East Tennessee State University is the oldest established program of its kind at any four-year institution. This unique program has thrived on the philosophies of preserving the musical traditions rooted in Appalachian culture while at the same time encouraging creativity and development of prevailing styles. Students from around the globe come to ETSU exclusively to study the roots of mountain music in the rich cultural hearth of Northeast Tennessee. Students may pursue both a B.A. and an M.A. degree. ETSU welcomes international students through its formal exchange agreement with the Royal Conservatoire; and is currently pursuing additional international musical exchange opportunities.