This year’s choirs span from the USA to Norway, and there are a number of local performers joining the international groups in 2016, including ACE Choirs (Aberdeen Choral Ensemble) and NYCoS Aberdeen. They will be showcasing a range of styles, from contemporary music to traditional and classical styles. For the very first time, Opera North Youth Chorus will be joining with the Scottish Opera Connect Chorus, performing two operas by composer Kurt Weill at Queen’s Cross Church.

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Voices (UK)
Royal Conservatoire VOICES was established in 2014 to give performing opportunities to talented young singers, to sing both as soloists and as an ensemble, to the highest standards. A flexible pool of talent, the group varies in size and nature according to repertoire and is designed to explore music from all periods, from Renaissance and Baroque to contemporary. Their first public performances were in Glasgow in... SEE DETAILS »
Norwegian Girls’ Choir (Norway)
The Norwegian Girls’ Choir, conducted by Anne Karin Sundal-Ask, is a highly talented choir with long and proud traditions. The singers are from the Østland area of Norway and are admitted following an audition. The Norwegian Girls’ Choir is an independent successor of the Norwegian Broadcasting Company's Girls’ Choir (NRKs jentekor), established in 1947. The choir is a strong feature of Norwegian cultural life and... SEE DETAILS »
Madison Youth Choir (USA)
Madison Youth Choirs (MYC) is recognised as an innovator in youth choral music education and serves more than 1000 young people, ages 7-18, on an annual basis. Welcoming singers of all ability levels and challenging them to learn more than just notes and rhythms, MYC succeeds in building a community of musicians eager to study music as a way of understanding their world. In weekly... SEE DETAILS »
NYCoS Aberdeen Choir (UK)
The National Youth Choir of Scotland provides opportunities to over 2,000 young people across the country with four national choirs and a growing network of regional choirs. You can find out more about the National Youth Choir of Scotland here. RCS Voices (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland), UK Royal Conservatoire VOICES was established in 2014 to give performing opportunities to talented young singers, to sing both as soloists... SEE DETAILS »
ACE Youth Choirs (UK)
Since its foundation in February 2011, ACE has evolved into an inspiring network of creative projects, partnerships and communities involving 4000+ people of all ages in the North-East of Scotland, UK and further afield. The choirs form a significant part of the ACE project, with groups established in the Airyhall, Heathryburn and Inchgarth communities. Singers meet on a weekly basis for rehearsals. You can find... SEE DETAILS »
Aberdeen African Diocesan Choir (UK)
The Aberdeen Diocesan African choir was established by Sister Pat Malikebu in 2006. Since then, the choir has built a reputation for producing melodious music which creates a vibrant atmosphere and directly reflects African heritage. They bring different African styles of worship which aim to inspire, enrich and motivate parishioners and the community at large in Aberdeen and around the UK. The choir also seeks out... SEE DETAILS »
Opera North Youth Chorus (UK)
The Opera North Youth Chorus gives young people aged 14–19 the skills and experience to become well-rounded performers. As well as developing their singing voices and musicianship skills with dedicated vocal leaders in weekly sessions, members also have the opportunity to work with professional directors and movement specialists to develop skills in drama and stagecraft. This year Opera North are joining force with Scottish Opera’s Connect... SEE DETAILS »
Scottish Opera Connect Chorus (UK)
Scottish Opera’s Connect Chorus offers young people aged 14-21 the opportunity to improve their performance skills and work with some of the finest tutors. Along with the Connect Orchestra and Stage Management programme, the Connect series is an excellent way for young people to experience being part of a production. Rehearsals are weekly and culminate with performances at the end of term.... SEE DETAILS »

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