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Javi’s Journals – A sad ‘see you later’


What can be a better job than creating a Festival? Bringing music, theatre, dance, art to your city and to your fellow citizens. Bringing joy and laughter to the community, giving the people reasons to go out, to forget about problems, to celebrate that we are alive.


For the last four months, I have been collaborating with one of the best offices I will probably work in. I’ve got to know the professional side of making a Festival of the size of the AIYF. Until you are here, it is difficult to imagine all the hard work that is needed to coordinate hundreds of artists and dozens of venues throughout the North East of Scotland. To create one week of happiness that allows the Granite City to transform in a different place. Artists, rhythms, and colours that once a year turn Aberdeen into a sleepy Mediterranean village, a picturesque town in West Africa, or a vibrant and cosmopolitan capital in North America. A Festival that allows us, for real, to see the world in Aberdeen.

During my time here, I’ve had the opportunity to support Jessie with social media and website, especially blogging my Javi’s Journals and with the Aberdeen Mela – One World Day 2017. But that’s just a part of what I’ve been able to do. Riding a luxury sports car, making paper maché 3D hot air balloons with dozens of children, interviewing some of the bands at Aberdeen Jazz FestivalIt’s truly been a fun and fruitful role.


After these months at Seventeen, I can appreciate how difficult it is to make this happen. And for this reason, I will enjoy it even more when late July and August will arrive in the Granite City with the AIYF, with those thousands of hours of work concentrated in a short week of happiness.

It is painful for me to write this last blog for the AIYF. Because, beyond the professional side, I have got to know the people who are making AIYF 2017. Stewart, Jessie, Laura, Rachel, the wonderful people who every day are giving the best of themselves to organise it better, to get the best possible artists from all over the world, to attract Aberdonians and tourists to the shows, and who have to deal with administrations, visas, funds, and other numerable issues. A constant fight with a glorious reward for this region of Scotland.


Despite all this, I have to go due to a great job opportunity that I couldn’t reject. For the next three years, the Aberdeen Harbour is going to be extended into Nigg Bay, at the south of the river Dee. A massive construction that will create and attract businesses, bringing prosperity to the city and to the neighbouring areas. So, when you start to see workers and machinery beyond the lighthouse and Torry Battery, you can think of me, as I’ll be part of their communications team, doing my best to engage the neighbours in this construction and ensuring that the community is happy throughout all this process.


However, this is not a goodbye. I’m staying in Aberdeen and so, I will help as much as I will be able from my home. At this point, I can only say that I will miss coming to this space in Seventeen with these wonderful and warm people. 

All the best luck with the Festival, I’m sure it will be a tremendous success, and that for that week, you will make an incredible difference to this city, bringing the colour, the sun, and the diversity of the world to our wee community.

See you all soon!!

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