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As a youth festival, AIYF are committed to involving and engaging our younger generation about the events and workshops available to them.

We have often collaborated on visual arts competitions in schools and this year we will use the entries as part of an exhibition.

We are going to get in touch with all schools and community centres in Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland to get them engaged in this project to raise their awareness of the Aberdeen International Youth Festival, get them interested and involved and the create an understanding of the importance of promoting Culture in the North East of Scotland.

The competition is to design a 3D Hot Air Balloon! this is the only criteria, it can be any size, shape and made out of anything.

The more unique the better and this art project will not only allow the kids to gain an understanding of AIYF, give parents an idea of something to do over the summer AND all competition entrants will be invited to our Launch event and have their balloons exhibited throughout the summer.

There are several prizes available for the winner of the 3D Hot Air Balloon competition!

If you are under 12, you will win a chance to take 5 friends Water Zorbing at Lochter Activity Centre or if you are over 12 you will win a Helicopter ride over Aberdeen with HJS Helicopters!

The Aberdeen International Youth Festival will run from
28th July to 5th August

Programme Launch will be
W/C 5th June

The deadline for the competition will be 15th May

Depending on your requirements, a representative from AIYF will be available to create weekly drop ins to collect art work or a drop off point will be created at 17 Belmont Street.

Click here to fill out your application form!

Download more information here

Get in touch if you have any questions:

01224 213 800

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